Art and Social Commentary: Boston, Yesterday and Today

FRI, MAY 10, 2019 (56:55)

Art, in all its forms, has been a powerful medium for social and political commentary for centuries. This program explores the use of art as an agent for change historically, and considers the impacts of contemporary artists on politics and culture.

+ BIO: Whitney Taylor

Whitney joined the ACLU of Massachusetts in 2010 to help develop the statewide presence of ACLU supporters and activists, to advocate on behalf of civil liberties. As a national expert on illicit drug policy, the criminal justice and public health systems, and the electoral ballot initiative and legislative processes, she coordinates the development and implementation of the ACLU of Massachusetts’ public advocacy agenda. Whitney received a B.A. in Criminal Justice and an M.S. in Public Policy from American University in Washington, DC.

+ BIO: Lori Lobenstine

Lori Lobenstine grew up in a family of community and union organizers, and decided early on that working with youth was her passion and her route to creating change. She has been a youthworker for the past twenty years, in settings as diverse as classrooms, basketball courts, museums and foreign countries. Most recently she has been a Director of Teen Programs for Girls Incorporated of Holyoke, a BEST trainer (teaching youth development concepts to other youthworkers), and a very successful basketball coach. Throughout these experiences, she has struggled with the challenges of creating new designs with youth, in fields that are often top-heavy and funding-driven.

+ BIO: Adam Derington

He is a Boston-based public historian who specializes in historical memory and American political culture.

Revolutionary Spaces