Conversations on Architecture: Great Places and Great Art with Mark Davy

WED, JAN 20, 2016 (1:11:58)

Massachusetts is rich in world-class art institutions and has a strong artist presence. However, many of its theaters and public art projects are in threat of demolition or severely reduced funding. If great art makes great cities, how does Boston fare? What steps should Boston take to ensure art and culture play a part in the reimagining of its future? Join Mark Davy, founder of London-based consultancy Future city and Anita Walker of the Mass Cultural Council, in a lively conversation about the importance of art within the city.

+ BIO: Mark Davy

Mark Davy founded Futurecity in London, England, in 2007. Since its founding, Futurecity has planned over 50 culture- and art-driven development strategies for the UK’s urban centers. (Photo: Futurecity)

Mass Cultural Council