Andrew Young and Kabir Sehgal: Civil Rights and the Journey Ahead

MON, NOV 1, 2010 (48:39)

A top aide to Martin Luther King, Jr., and one of history’s most important civil rights leaders, Andrew Young has been a witness to history and made his own. For years, he has been mentoring his godson, Kabir Sehgal, in correspondence and conversation. Young and Sehgal discuss their new book, Walk in My Shoes: Conversations between a Civil Rights Legend and his Godson on the Journey Ahead. They share their thoughts on civil rights, race, faith, love, and leadership. Ted Turner is the host for event.

+ BIO: Andrew Young

Young is chairman of GoodWorks International, allowing him to pursue his life-long mission of energizing the private sector to advance economic development in Africa and the Caribbean. In this position, he puts corporate executives in contact with leaders and key influences in the regions’ emerging markets, facilitating the formation of successful business partnerships.

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