American West: Lewis and Clark Expedition

THU, MAR 18, 2004 (1:19:02)

Clay S. Jenkinson employs the Chautauquan methodology of a stand-up, unscripted monologue in his first-person portrayal of Meriwether Lewis. His educational, humorous, and delightful monologue is followed by an in-character question and answer session with the audience, and ends with Jenkinson sharing his own insights into the character of Captain Lewis and the expedition. The Federalist called the Louisiana Purchase “the wildest chimera of a moonstruck mind”; Thomas Jefferson referred to it as a “two ocean continental empire for liberty”; and Meriwether Lewis, captain of the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition, thought it was the opportunity of a lifetime to be the first citizen of the United States to step foot on the unexplored wilderness of the American West.

+ BIO: Clay S. Jenkinson

A native of North Dakota, Mr. Jenkinson is a writer, lecturer, and award-winning first-person interpreter. He is the host of a nationally syndicated radio program, The Thomas Jefferson Hour, and of a weekly television book review program. He has appeared on the Today Show, Politically Incorrect, and CNN, and was a main commentator for Ken Burnss PBS documentary on Thomas Jefferson as well as the on-camera host of the documentary Travelin’ on the Lewis & Clark Trail.

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