All I Really Need to Know About Politics, I Learned in Middle School

TUE, NOV 19, 2019 (40:43)

How does psychology drive our political processes and decisions?
Seeking allies, strategizing against enemies, protecting territory and having one group decide the distribution of power and resources for everyone else. Are we talking about politics or middle school? With just one year out from the 2020 U.S. presidential election, listen to Dr. Diana Direiter unpack the human psychology that drives some of our political processes and decisions.

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+ BIO: Dr. Diana Direiter

Diana Direiter, Ph.D., is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at Lesley University, where she serves as the Dean of Faculty. Dr. Direiter works to help students find and understand the connections between the real world and the academic world, often analyzing stories from the worlds of celebrities and pop culture to recognize the threads relevant to what they are learning in their classes. Dr. Direiter’s academic and research interests include trauma, rape culture, women’s leadership, and the depiction of gender in pop culture. She is fascinated by the messages we all begin receiving from society from our first moments and how those messages – especially those related to gender – shape our views of ourselves and each other.

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