Agitate! Agitate! Collect!: Artifacts of Women's Dissent

TUE, SEP 19, 2017 (43:21)

In 1917, New York State women won the right to vote, an event that would help bring on passage of a federal woman’s suffrage amendment in 1920. As the United States prepares to celebrate this centennial, Ashley Hopkins-Benton, Senior Historian and Curator of Social History New York State Museum in Albany, NY, will show how her museum has been exploring artifacts of the fight for women’s rights in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, while simultaneously collecting materials from the Women’s March, and other 2017 protests.

+ BIO: Ashley Hopkins-Benton

Senior historian and curator of social history, New York State Museum, and former museum educator with the Columbia County Historical Society. Ashley Hopkins-Benton is the author of Breathing Life Into Stone: The Sculpture of Henry DiSpirito and an avid photographer. Ashley earned a BA in art education and art studio from SUNY Potsdam and an MA in history museum studies from Cooperstown’s Graduate Program.

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