Aerodynamics of Sports: High-Performance Equipment

MON, FEB 16, 2004 (58:23)

Dr. Kim Blair shares how he and his students turn work into play and influence world class sports from bicycling to mountain climbing. Blair describes what the New England Patriots, Lance Armstrong, and Tiger Woods all have in common. In addition to being champions and having large salaries, all of their performance has benefited from sports engineering. From safer helmets to faster bikes, aeronautics and computer modeling have helped to improve the performance of a world of sports equipment and those that use it.

+ BIO: Kim Blair

A NASA trained engineer and Ironman triathlete, Kim Blair is the President/Founder of Sports Innovation Group LLC consultancy and the Founding Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sports Innovation program. Dr. Blair is a recognized expert in sports technology and innovation and has extensive experience utilizing advanced technologies to improve human athletic performance, and developing hands-on educational programs in innovation, product development and sports engineering and technology.

Museum of Science, Boston
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