Watertown, MA talks about opioid addiction

TUE, MAR 5, 2019 (56:26)

Wayside Youth and Family Support Network’s Multi-Service Center hosts a screening of NOVA’s film “Addiction” followed by a panel discussion with local experts about the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history. Hosted at the Mosesian Center for the Arts in Watertown, MA. Watch NOVA’s entire film “Addiction” and find screening resources here. Image Source: Pexels

+ BIO: Laura Kehoe

Dr Laura Kehoe is a primary care physician currently working at Mass General Hospital. She researches addiction medication and graduated from the Tufts School of Medicine

+ BIO: Damian Archer

Dr. Damian Archer is the Chief Medical Officer for North Shore Community Health. He is a board certified Family Medicine Physician

+ BIO: Dara Arons

Dr. Dara Arons is a Family Physician for Charles River Community Health. Dara graduated from the Yale School of Medicine in 2006 and was awarded the Connecticut Academy of Family Physicians Honor and the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Achievement Citation.

+ BIO: Tali Schiller

Tali Schiller is a substance abuse prevention coordinator for Cambridge Public Health Department.

+ BIO: Peter Airasian

Peter Airasian is the owner of Patriot Chimney in Watertown, MA and the founder of the group Watertown Overcoming Addiction, which aims to raise awareness about addiction, erase the stigma associated with addiction, and put a face and a voice to addiction and recovery in the area.

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