Fixing What’s Broken: Biden’s Equity Agenda

THU, FEB 11, 2021 (1:18:40)

The last four divisive years follow decades of frustration from a lack of progress for racial justice and gender equity. Anger moved the debate into the streets, most notably with the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement and #MeToo protests, sometimes met with opposition from far right and white supremacist groups holding their own rallies and spurring on riots.

President Biden made ambitious promises to address the country’s polarization born out of discrimination and inequality. The early days of his Administration featured a down payment on this promise with a flurry of executive actions and the record-setting pace for creating his own team, but can he bring about more lasting change with the help of Congress? Can he change the hearts and minds of Americans at large? Join us as we discuss the problems, the promises and the possibilities of Biden’s “Equity Agenda.”

This event is the third in a spring series, Examining the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration, that focuses on the most important developments in the early days of the Biden Administration.

Presented by the Suffolk University Department of Political Science & Legal Studies, in collaboration with the Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University and hosted by GBH’s Forum Network.

Image: Gina Janovitz Design

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