RETIRE OR RESIST: the pros and cons of working longer

TUE, NOV 15, 2022 (1:01:11)

Many Americans face a huge decision in the years ahead: is delaying their retirement a realistic, practical and tenable option or should they work longer, in an attempt to be in better financial shape for their retirement? Many policymakers think it is logical – almost inevitable – that Americans will delay retirement and spend more years in the paid labor force.

However, working longer is not a one-size fits all solution especially when you factor in economic and social inequalities, precarious working conditions, family caregiving responsibilities, poor health, and age discrimination. All of these make it difficult or impossible for many to consider working past the age of 65. Marginalized groups in particular face special challenges and society’s legislative responses affect us all. Is there a way to find a path toward better working lives and improved retirement security for all Americans – and if so, what it is?


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