Black history: On Rewind

MON, MAR 21, 2022 (1:13:10)

To celebrate its newly digitized collection of eminent historical black orators, Cambridge Forum, a long-established non-profit devoted to free public discussion, is hosting a live recording of BLACK HISTORY: ON REWIND with in-person speakers at the Lincoln Institute on March 21 at 5 pm. Starting in 1967, at the height of the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement, Cambridge Forum has been producing live events for 55 years from First Parish Church in Harvard Square, with the aim of providing a safe platform from which to examine salient, social issues.

This event, BLACK HISTORY: ON REWIND offers a timely opportunity for past speakers Professors Randall Kennedy, Danielle Allen and Cheryl Townsend-Gilkes to return to the Forum and evaluate what progress they believe has been made in social justice and equality, to consider the importance of “who” writes the history and to highlight what outstanding issues remain to be addressed by Americans, as a democratic nation. Councilor Denise Simmons will make an introductory address and public TV producer, Roberto Mighty, will act as moderator. The program will be recorded and edited for Cambridge Forum’s weekly show on NPR, a podcast will be posted to the CF website, and WGBH Forum Network will upload the video to YouTube.

According to CF Director Mary Stack, “In light of the disturbing events in Ukraine, it is more important than ever that Americans safeguard their democracy by protecting their freedom of speech, and by allowing respectful, meaningful discussion of potentially divisive issues. As Edmund Burke said, those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”

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