Race, Gender, and Political Leadership in 21st Century America

MON, MAR 6, 2017 (1:37:07)

A distinguished panel will take up the topic of Carol Hardy-Fanta’s new book, Contested Transformation: Race, Gender, and Political Leadership in 21st Century America. Joining the author is Boston City Council President Michelle Wu, City Councilor At Large Ayanna Pressley, Prof. Paul Watanabe, and Ann Bookman, Director of the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy. Learn how gains in political leadership and influence by women and men of color holding elected office are transforming the American political landscape, but how they have taken place within a contested political context, one where struggles for racial and gender equality continue.

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  • Trump Moves To End Asylum Protections For Central Americans

    JUL 15, 2019,  WGBH News

    Refugees and Global Migration

    APR 4, 2019, WorldBoston

    Countries determine their own policies for accepting immigrants and refugees. No country has open borders. What is the difference between an immigrant and a refugee? Who determines this difference? How do international laws and groups affect national laws? Or even state laws? WorldBoston, Boston Network for International Development, and the United Nations Association of Greater Boston join forces to host this Great Decisions on Refugees and Global Migration.

  • Police trials of facial recognition backed by home secretary

    JUL 10, 2019,  The Guardian

    Technology, Privacy and Surveillance: Who is Watching the Watchers?

    MAY 23, 2019, Old South Meeting House

    Technology can be used by the government to take away civil liberties, but it can also be used in the service of civil liberties. This program discusses policy and legal approaches to monitoring government use of surveillance, and advocates for citizens using technology to monitor government.

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