Vaccinating the World: Will Diplomacy, Nationalism or Profit Motive Prevail?

WED, JUL 21, 2021 (1:13:21)

How can nations gain influence, strengthen alliances and protect their own populations against a global threat? Here’s one way: provide support in the battle against the common enemy. With less than 10 percent of the globe vaccinated and surges in infections from the COVID-19 Delta variant on the rise, getting shots in arms everywhere should be a public health priority, a national security strategy and a moral imperative, especially for high income countries.

Yet vaccine nationalism, underfunded international organizations, and arguments over intellectual property rights, rather than vaccine diplomacy and robust international coordination, have slowed progress.

This week, Foreign Policy Magazine’s Elise Labott moderates a panel discussion to help us understand the complex issues governing the global response to the pandemic to date, the prospects for getting it right in the future and how Covid-19 is shaping geopolitics in a changing world.

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