Yes We Can: Closing the Achievement Gaps

TUE, MAR 10, 2009 (1:23:01)

The authors of three recent books address how closing racial achievement gaps is indeed possible.

+ BIO: Jane Waldfogel

Jane Waldfogel, professor of Social Work and Public Policy at Columbia University, is co-editor of a recent volume, Stalled Gains and Steady Progress, which tracks trends in the black-white test score gap and offers explanations for uneven patterns of progress.

+ BIO: Richard Nisbett

Richard Nisbett, distinguished university professor at the University of Michigan, addresses how schools and culture shape intellectual development in his new book, Intelligence and How to Get It.

+ BIO: Ronald Ferguson

Ronald Ferguson is faculty director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University. His book, Toward Excellence with Equity, advocates for a social movement focused both on raising achievement and narrowing gaps. Ferguson is also a contributor to the Waldfogel volume and will present findings from the Achievement Gap Initiative Conference report of June 2008.

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