Thomas Gainsborough: The Substance of Style

SUN, JUN 22, 2003 (1:01:32)

Frederick Ilchman discusses Thomas Gainsborough's elegant portraits, which were the height of fashion in 18th-century England. Ilchman discusses the context in which these works were created: Gainsborough's competitors and the demands of his patrons. By examining the artist's unique painting techniques, viewers discover the very substance of his singular style.

+ BIO: Frederick Ilchman

Frederick Ilchman is the Mrs. Russell Baker Assistant Curator of Paintings in the Art of Europe department at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He began his curatorial career at the MFA in 2001, following five years living in Venice, with his research supported by a Fulbright fellowship and grants from the Metropolitan Museum and Save Venice Inc. His specialty is Italian Renaissance painting, specifically Tintoretto and his contemporaries. He was part of the curatorial team responsible for the Museo del Pradoís Tintoretto exhibition in 2007 in Madrid and a contributor to its catalogue.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston