The Acoustic World of Whales

MON, JUL 12, 2004 (1:07:01)

Dr. Green discusses her work with humpback whales in Hawaii, where she studies their use of sound to communicate. She shares video and sound recordings to illustrate her work and present research on the effect of thrill craft and engine noise on the whales. Dr. Green also presents the broader implications of her work regarding impacts of underwater noise pollution on marine mammals.

+ BIO: Marsha Green

Marsha Green is OMI's president and founder. Dr. Green holds a doctorate from Temple University in animal behavior and physiological psychology. She is a licensed psychologist and professor at Albright College in Reading Pennsylvania. Here she served as chair of the Psychology Department until 1993 and founded the Psychobiology and Environmental Psychobiology programs.

Since 1986, Dr. Green has been conducting research on the impact of human behavior on humpback whales and spinner dolphins in Hawaii. She has gained international recognition for her ground breaking studies linking human compassion with scientific field research to benefit whales, dolphins and their environment.

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