Sustainability Science: Biodiversity and Community

TUE, OCT 15, 2013 (36:29)

"Professor Bawa, recipient of the 2012 Gunnerus Award for sustainability and former Ruffolo Giorgio Fellow in Sustainability Science and Bullard Fellow at Harvard University, is an international leader in preservation. Dr. Bawa's outstanding research focuses on rainforest populations and the spectacular biodiversity of the Western Ghats in India (a UNESCO site), the Himalayas and Central America. The unique institute he founded, the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), is globally recognized for its leadership in preserving both biodiversity and human communities. Meet Kamal Bawa

In this program, Dr. Bawa discusses his famous discoveries in biodiversity, his progressive strategy of combining preservation of biodiversity with community development and participation 'as reflected in the programs of ATREE' and his beautiful 2013 book with photographer Sandesh Kadur, Himalaya: Mountains of Life. He also discusses his new course at Boston University that captures his work and perspective: Sustainability Science: Environment, Economics, and Equity.

Kamaljit S. Bawa, PhD., Distinguished Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts-Boston"

+ BIO: Yvonne Stapp

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