Sea-Level Rise and Storm Impacts on Our Coastlines

TUE, OCT 20, 2015 (46:47)

Sergio Fagherazzi, Associate Professor in the Earth & Environment Department at Boston University looks closely at our coastlines--their evolution, ecology, hydrology, and the impacts they face in light of climate change and major storm events like hurricanes and tsunamis.

+ BIO: Sergio Fagherazzi

Sergio Fagherazzi studies geomorphology, hydrology, and coastal and marine geology. His research is oriented in three main directions: the morphological modeling of the continental shelf—formation and evolution of riverine networks during sea-level lowstands and subsequent channel filling during high-stands; the study of the hydrodynamics and morphology of salt marshes—observation, understanding, and modeling of creeks and channels developing on a salt marsh surface; and the numerical study of equations characteristic of coastal processes and hydrology—a dynamic model linking phenomena occurring at different spatial scales.

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