People Are the Sky: A Journey to North Korea

TUE, NOV 3, 2015

People Are the Sky: A Journey to North Korea, a documentary by Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, is a personal film connecting two ideas: search for home and ordinary people as the sky. After losing her Iowa farm boy husband Don—her home—in 2009, a northern Korea born Korean American filmmaker makes a pilgrimage to her place of birth in North korea for the first time in nearly 70 years, to explore if it is still home. Searching for home in the cities and mountains of the country shrouded in myth and misunderstanding, she meets ordinary citizens, in-min. Eventually she finds home not in places, not in North Korea as a country, but in the ordinary people.

Image: NYTimes

+ BIO: Dai Sil Kim-Gibson

Dai Sil Kim-Gibson is a well-known independent Korean/American filmmaker and writer. She was born in Sincheon, Hwanghae Province, North Korea in 1938.

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