No Boston Olympics

WED, JUN 21, 2017

In early 2015, Boston was the forerunner among cities with a bid to host the 2024 Olympics. But by July, the bid was dropped. What happened? Chris Dempsey, a former co-chair of No Boston Olympics, discusses his new book on how a small group of activists ended the bid for the Olympic Games to come to Boston. He tells the inside story of the people who derailed attempts by boosters and local politicians to bring the Olympics to the city of Boston. The author tells another Boston story while providing a blueprint for citizens who seek to challenge costly, wasteful, disruptive, and risky Olympic bids in their own cities.

+ BIO: Chris Dempsey

The Brookline native was named director of Transportation for Massachusetts, a non-profit coalition of 50 organizations focused on transportation policy and backed by the Barr Foundation. Dempsey previously served as assistant secretary of transportation under Gov. Deval Patrick and future Boston 2024 chief executive Rich Davey.


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