Integrity: Life Lessons from the Nixon White House

THU, OCT 11, 2007 (1:32:31)

Egil Bud Krogh discuses his new book Integrity: Life Lessons from the Nixon White House. Jimmy Carter Library and Georgia Center for the Book copresent the former Nixon White House staffer with responsibilities for District of Columbia governmental affairs, narcotics control policy, law enforcement and transportation policy. In his book, Krogh, one of the "president's men" in the Watergate era, recalls how he lost his way and destroyed his life under the pressure of politics and power, offering insight about what integrity and success really mean.

+ BIO: Egil Bud Krogh

Krogh was a White House Deputy for Domestic Affairs from 1970 to 1972. President Nixon gave Krogh the task of trying to lower crime in Washington DC, which led him to support the idea that treating heroin addicts with methadone could potentially lower crime rates.

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