Great Oratory and Famous Poems

THU, JUL 2, 2015 (43:33)

Actors from the Boston Poets Theatre present a bouquet of short excerpts from great oratory and famous poems — all echoing originals first delivered in the vicinity of Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, the State House, the Boston Athenaeum, the Tremont Temple, and the Boston Public Library. The event will honor Boston’s rich legacy of great orators and literary and political figures of great variety and distinction.

The Program

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Concord Hymn and "On John Brown" ready by Ben Evett

John Hancock read by Steven Barkhimer

Daniel Webster's speech at Bunker Hill Monument read by Bob Scanlan

Frederick Douglass "Fourth of July for the Negro" read by Shanae Burch

William Lloyd Garrison's "Let the South Go" read by David Gullette

Oliver Wendell Holmes' "The Chambered Nautilus" recited by Steven Barkhimer

Ida B. Wells' "On Lynch Laws" read by Shanae Burch

John F. Kennedy read by David Gullette

Richard Wilbur read by Ben Evett

+ BIO: Ben Evett

Benjamin Evett is a well-known actor, director, and producer in the Boston area. Before joining the Poets’ Theatre, he was the Founding Artistic Director of the Actors’ Shakespeare Project, which he sherpherded from a small start-up to a mainstay of the regional theatre scene during his tenure from 2004 to 2009.

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