Public Land Versus Private Interests

WED, SEP 19, 2018 (1:14:31)

Stephen Nash, the author of award-winning books on science and the environment, writes that America’s public lands “will tumble away” unless people act. Nash discusses the precarious future of our national parks, monuments and wildlife refuges with Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club.

Given the prospect that climate change will dislocate wildlife populations and vegetation across hundreds of thousands of square miles of the national landscape, what can we do about it?

Image: Book Cover

+ BIO: Stephen Nash

Stephen Nash has reported on science, the environment, and other topics for The New York Times, The Washington Post, BioScience Magazine, The Scientist, The New Republic, and Archaeology, and his opinion pieces on policy have appeared in dozens of newspapers. He is Visiting Senior Research Scholar at the University of Richmond, where he has taught in the journalism and environmental studies programs since 1980. He is the author of several books, including Blue Ridge 2020: An Owner’s Manual and Millipedes and Moon Tigers: Science and Policy in an Age of Extinction. His book Virginia Climate Fever -- How Global Warming Will Transform Our Cities, Shorelines, and Forests won the American Institute of Physics 2015 Science Writing Award for Books.

Photo: University of Richmond

+ BIO: Michael Brune

Michael Brune is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club, America's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. Brune's first environmental job was as an organizer for Greenpeace. In 1998, Brune joined Rainforest Action Network, where he ultimately served for seven years as executive director. Brune is the author of Coming Clean -- Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal and blogs regularly for Huffington Post and Daily Kos.

Photo: Sierra Club

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