Daniel Kantstroom - Aftermath: Deportation Law and the New American Diaspora

FRI, SEP 21, 2012 (55:15)

Daniel Kantstroom discusses his latest book, "Aftermath: Deportation Law and the New American Diaspora," presented by Harvard Book Store and Amnesty International. Since 1996, when new deportation laws went into effect, the U.S. has deported millions of noncitizens back to their countries of origin. While the rights of immigrants as well as the appropriate pathway to legal status are the subject of much debate, little attention had been paid to what happens to deportees once they leave. Kantstroom argues that the U.S. has fostered a new diaspora of deportees, many of whom are alone and isolated, with strong ties to their former communities in the U.S. Introduction by Joshua Rubenstein of Amnesty International.

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