Corey Flintoff in Conversation with Jim Braude

WED, APR 5, 2017 (00:00)

WGBH's Jim Braude welcomes Corey Flintoff, former NPR Bureau Chief in Moscow, for conversation and Q&A with members of the Ralph Lowell Society. Recently retired, Flintoff was a radio journalist for nearly 40 years. He covered the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine, the earthquake in Haiti, the revolution in Egypt and the revolution and civil war in Libya. He most recently served as NPR’s correspondent in Moscow for four years, reporting on the growing authoritarianism of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

+ BIO: Corey Flintoff

Corey Flintoff joined National Public Radio (NPR) as a newscaster in 1990. For years, he was a part of NPR listeners' homeward commutes, reporting the latest news at the start of each hour of All Things Considered. Flintoff has also been heard as a reporter for NPR's news magazines, as a fill-in host, and as Carl Kasell's understudy on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!. He performs in radio dramas and travels frequently to speak on behalf of NPR member stations.

Flintoff is part of NPR's "Alaska Mafia," which includes Peter Kenyon, Elizabeth Arnold, and other top reporters who got their start with the Alaska Public Radio Network. He was APRN's executive producer for seven years, hosting the evening news magazine Alaska News Nightly. He also freelanced for NPR, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Monitor Radio and the Associated Press. Flintoff won a 1989 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Award for his coverage of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.