A Case Study of Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade: The 2015 Philippine Turtle Crisis

THU, OCT 29, 2015 (58:43)

In late June 2015, more than 4,000 critically endangered Palawan forest turtles were confiscated by authorities in the Philippines. The turtles had been illegally collected and were destined for the international illegal wildlife trade. Dr. Charles Innis, one of the first responders to the Palawan turtle confiscation, describes the natural history of this species, and the rescue, rehabilitation, and eventual release of these turtles back to the wild in Palawan. The complexities of the global illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, variable legal enforcement, range country socioeconomics and politics will be explored. He will also highlight the rapidly deployed network of private and institutional partners that made this effort successful.

New England Aquarium
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