Bernie Sanders discusses Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In

FRI, MAR 31, 2017 (00:00)

Bernie Sanders is coming back to Boston, and Forum Network, in partnership with the Harvard Book Store and Boston Review will be here with a Facebook Live from MIT's Kresge Auditorium — just for you! March 31st at 5p.m. More information coming soon.

At an event presented by Harvard Book Store, Boston Review, and the MIT Department of Political Science, U.S. Senator BERNIE SANDERS will discuss his experiences as a presidential candidate and his thoughts about the political process. His talk will be based in part on the ideas presented in his latest book, Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In. As a part of the evening's presentation, Senator Sanders will be joined on-stage for a Q&A moderated by ARCHON FUNG, Academic Dean and Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Citizenship at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Facebook Live will be available on

+ BIO: Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders is serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning re-election in 2012 with 71 percent of the vote. His previous 16 years in the House of Representatives make him the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history. Born in 1941 in Brooklyn, Sanders attended James Madison High School, Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago. After graduating in 1964, he moved to Vermont. In 1981, he was elected (by 10 votes) to the first of four terms as mayor of Burlington. Sanders lectured at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and at Hamilton College in upstate New York before his 1990 election as Vermont's at-large member in Congress.

Sanders' campaign against Hillary Clinton for the party's 2016 U.S. presidential nomination raised more money in small, individual contributions than any other in American history, and helped Sanders to rise to international recognition. This was the only time in Sanders' career that he publicly identified as a Democrat, and he has since announced he will return to the Senate as an independent.

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