Anatol Lieven on Pakistan

WED, APR 20, 2011 (27:01)

Pakistan expert Anatol Lieven unravels Pakistan's troubled and complex relationships with the U.S., Afghanistan, the Taliban, and its own army, and adds a special note on what bin Laden's death means for U.S.- Pakistan relations.

+ BIO: Anatol Lieven

Anatol Lieven is Chair of International Relations and Terrorism Studies at King's College London, and a senior fellow at the New America Foundation.

Lieven, a former senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, previously covered Central Europe for The Financial Times; Pakistan, Afghanistan, the former Soviet Union, and Russia for The Times (London), and India as a freelance journalist. He has served as an editor at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, where he also worked for the Eastern Services of the BBC.

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