Meet the Lighthouse Families of Boston Harbor, Yesterday and Today

THU, SEP 15, 2016 (56:08)

Beacons of Beantown: 300 Years of Boston Lights

Author and lighthouse historian Jeremy D’Entremont and friends of the Boston Harbor Islands founder Suzanne Gall Marsh kick off a two-month series celebrating the tercentenary of Boston Light with a colorful overview of Boston’s lighthouse history, including highlights from oral and family histories.

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    OCT 24, 2016,  Boston Public Radio

    Civility and Morality

    FEB 17, 2012, The Center for Civil Discourse

    Is civility simply a smokescreen to maintain the status quo? Does it encourage conformity and inhibit dissent? Is civility sometimes in conflict with other important moral values? Civility demands that we respect all religions, but at what price? Can a new civility lead to a better informed citizenry? This panel explores the relationship between civility, morality and the demands of justice.

  • How The Golden Age of Flying Changed America

    OCT 20, 2016,  WGBH News

    Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane

    FEB 7, 2003, Museum of Science, Boston

    Tom Crouch, expert on the Wright Brothers and senior curator at the National Air and Space Museum, discusses how Wilber and Orville Wright started revolutions in transportation, warfare, leisure, and communication, and changed how we all see our world: as a whole.

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