The Future of Gender

MON, DEC 5, 2016 (1:33:52)

What is gender and how do we relate to it? There are entire cultures for which gender is a different conversation than it is in the US. Nine countries – Germany, Australia and India among them – allow their citizens to have non-binary gender identities on legal documents: male, female, other. And yet, in today’s American cultural landscape, the conversation about the human rights and dignities of transgender individuals seems to be just beginning.

This panel will look at the fluidity of gender through many lenses – historical, cultural, biological – to understand how societal bias takes root. We will look particularly at the Jewish relationship with gender identity. Ultimately we will ask: What is the future of gender? How do we speak of gender for future generations – as parents, as Jews, as a society – so that all members of the community can live fully as who they are, and every voice can be included?

Image Credit: Wiki Commons

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